Certificate in Coaching for Executives (English)

Expand Coach Education Programme for Leaders - ICF Level 1 Accredited

Certificate in coaching for Executives

Certificate in Coaching for Executives (English)

Boost your professional skills and learn impactful coaching methods endorsed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)



Unlock your potential, both personally and professionally, with our ICF-accredited Coach Education Programme for Leaders. Coaching is a proven tool for growth, supported by research and psychology. Our program offers hands-on training led by top ICF-certified coaches in Denmark, ensuring practical learning and real results.


Upon completion, receive a Certified Coach diploma from Expand and a direct pathway to the ICF ACC credential.




What’s included:


  • An internationally ICF-accredited Level 1 and quality-marked coaching programme


  • The faculty includes some of Denmark’s most certified and experienced coaches as instructors.


  • 12 days of instruction, including 5 days of in-person attendance and 6 half-days online


  • Access to online instructional videos


  • Oral and written exams according to ICF Level 1 requirements


  • Diploma as Certified coach from Expand and a direct route to acquiring the ICF ACC credential




What you’ll gain:


  • Strong leadership skills, whether you’re aiming to integrate coaching into your leadership style or pursue coaching professionally


  • The ability to lead in greater complexity and constant change


  • The skill to foster greater motivation among employees and teams


  • A concrete method for active listening, asking powerful questions and supporting development


  • Increased self-awareness and the opportunity to achieve better results as a leader.



The programme is designed for leaders or key employees, regardless of level, including those in HR and People & Culture role.



When is the next Education Programme starting?


The programme focuses specifically on providing you with:


  • Lots of practical training to help you use the skills


  • Thorough and qualified supervision and feedback


  • A safe and supportive learning space


  • Unique networking with other leaders


  • A direct pathway to ICF ACC credential



Our Faculty

Annette Kledal

Expand Partner and founder, Head of Faculty, ICF Master Certified Coach, MCC


Annette is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) with extensive qualifications, including a Master Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching from AoEC and a Diploma in Coaching Mastery from ITS. Additionally, she is an NLP Trainer and a trained systemic consultant from DISPUK. With over 25 years of experience, Annette has coached managers and teams while also educating coaches.

Annette established Expand in 1998 and obtained her ICF certification in 2006. Prior to her career transition, she was a dentist with a private practice.

Christophe Kittel

Expand Partner and Co-owner, Faculty member, ICF Professional Certified Coach PCC


Christophe is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and holds an International Systemic Team Coaching certification from the Academy of Executive Coaching. Alongside these qualifications, Christophe holds a master’s degree in International Business and Corporate Finance at EM Lyon and an International Management and Strategy certificate at INSEAD.
Christophe has over 25 years of international corporate experience, among other serving as Senior Vice President and CEO in the Nordic countries and Europe at renowned companies like L’Oréal.
Christophe has been a professional coach for more than 10 years. His areas of expertise are executive coaching and coach training for leaders. He specializes in coaching people and teams through transformational change and navigating cross-cultural challenges.

Michael Skjøt

Faculty member, ICF Master Certified Coach, MCC


Michael is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) and holds an International Systemic Team Coaching certification from the Academy of Executive Coaching. With two decades of expertise in managing operational functions at an international level, overseeing large teams, Michael brings a wealth of experience to his coaching practice.

Having served as a vice president at A.P. Møller-Maersk and director at SAS, Michael is well-versed in leadership dynamics and organizational challenges. He further enhances his coaching prowess with a diploma in management training and management from IMD and London Business School.

Since obtaining his initial coach certification in 2003, Michael has honed his skills in manager/specialist coaching, executive coaching, and coach training for managers, making him a seasoned professional in the field.

Read more about the education programme here

Structure and contents



Our programme comprises 4 modules meticulously designed to provide you with the ideal blend of theory and practical training. Each module offers hands-on exercises and group activities to help you apply theoretical concepts effectively.

Module 1 comprises three in-person days at Expand’s offices in Copenhagen-Dragør. Module 2 is conducted online over three days (8:30 to 12:30). Following this, Module 3 returns to an in-person format in Copenhagen-Dragør, while Module 4 is conducted online once more.

Before engaging in modules 1 to 4 and undertaking the exam, thorough review of all online materials is required.


Module 1 – The Foundation:

  • Understanding coaching and its boundaries
  • A model for the coaching conversation
  • Developing a coaching mindset
  • Practice with feedback


Module 2 – Effective Communication:

  • Systemic key concepts in coaching
  • Active, attentive listening
  • Powerful questioning techniques
  • The coach’s role in the conversation


Module 3 – Creating Awareness:

  • Adopting the coaching state of mind – metaposition
  • Reframing for deeper insight and change
  • Coaching in a leadership context
  • Understanding psychological mechanisms


Module 4 – Coaching Tools:

  • Values and motivation
  • Intuition in coaching
  • Premises of change
  • Transitioning from feedback to feedforward


The teaching approach emphasizes learning through practical experiences, with theory seamlessly integrated while practicing and training. We cultivate a safe, learning-focused, and inspiring environment that allows for personal development and the acquisition of various coaching methods necessary for effective and authentic coaching.


Training with Feedback


In Module 1, you’ll conduct your initial coaching session with feedback. Subsequent modules involve further coaching practice sessions with individualized feedback from faculty members.

Between Modules 2 and 3, you’ll participate in an observed online coaching session in small groups. Following Modules 3 and 4, you’ll engage in online sessions with 3-4 peers and a mentor to refine your coaching competencies.


Individual mentor coaching


Between Module 2 and the exam, each participant will receive 3 hours of mentor coaching with a mentor. Participants are required to bring a 30-minute recording of a coaching session to each mentor session. Additional information and dates will be provided approximately one month prior to the start of the program.


Online Learning


Prior to each module, you’ll have access to instructional videos covering the relevant theory.


Training Groups


Each participant is assigned to a training group formed during Module 1. These groups meet at least once between modules for approximately 3 hours to practice, train, and share experiences.

Examination, certification and diploma

To be eligible for the examination, you must demonstrate in your coaching log that you have completed a minimum of 10 hours of coaching from the start to the end of the program, along with receiving a minimum of five hours of coaching yourself. All assignments must be fulfilled, and attendance to all mandatory classes is required.


The examination spans 3-4 days, with participants allocating two half-days for the process. The written exam occurs on the first day, followed by practical assessments over subsequent days. During the practical exam, you’ll coach another participant for 25 minutes under faculty supervision, receiving comprehensive feedback thereafter.


Upon passing the examination, you will be awarded a diploma certifying you as a “Certified Coach from Expand”. Your certificate will state: “Certificate in Coaching – The coach has completed ICF accredited Expand Level 1 Coach Education Programme.”


Our Coach Education Programme for Leaders serves as a direct pathway to an ACC credential. There is no need to take another oral examination. Further details regarding ICF ACC credential can be found here.

ICF ACC Certification

Our Coach Education Programme course aligns with the rigorous standards established by the ICF and is 1 Level accredited.


The initial credential is “Associate Certified Coach, ACC“.


To attain this credential, in addition to completing completed the ICF accredited Expand Level 1 Coach Education Programme, you must:

  • Document 100 hours of coaching
  • Successfully pass the ICF Credentialing Exam (a written exam)


You may register for the ICF ACC certification at any time, as it entails an individual certification process.

Fee and Practical information

The tuition includes 78.5 hours of ICF-approved teaching, course materials, and evaluation. Full attendance is mandatory for all course components, so please reserve the specified dates in your schedule.





49.700 DKK + VAT



Training timings


Modules in-person: 9:00-16:30

Modules online: 8.30-12.30

Online Peer Coaching Sessions: 9:00-12:30 or 13:00-16:30 (Please reserve full days until the program begins.)

Individual Mentor coaching Sessions (3): dates and timing will be provided one month prior the start of the programme.

Written Examination (Online): 9:00-12:00


Please note that attendance is compulsory for all modules, observed sessions, mentor coaching sessions, online learning videos, and written assignments. If you’re unable to attend certain days, replacement teaching may be available for an additional fee.


Training location for in-person sessions


Expand in Dragør-Copenhagen



A.P: Møllers Allé 9C

2791 Dragør


We are located between the Airport and Dragør – only 10 minutes from the highway. Take exit 18 or 16. Free parking is available.


If you’re using public transportation, you can take the train or Metro to Kastrup Airport, and from there, take bus 35 directly to our address. It takes 11 minutes by bus and a 1-minute walk.

Bus 35 stops right outside Terminal 3 and the station.


Find us on Google Maps.

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