Certificate in Coaching for Executives (English)

Acquire coaching skills with our ICF accredited Coaching Education

Strengthen yourself and your leadership

Do you wish to accelerate your development?


Unlock your full potential both personally and professionally by enrolling in the ICF-accredited Certificate in Coaching for Executives program, and learn how to motivate others to excel and improve. Coaching is a highly respected method for personal and professional development, based on rigorous academic research and proven psychological leadership approaches. Our Certificate program offers a unique opportunity to hone your coaching skills through practical application. Delivered by some of Denmark’s most distinguished ICF certified coaches, the program places a strong emphasis on hands-on personal training to ensure measurable results.


After completing the program, you will receive a Certificate in Coaching. The program is a part of the Expand Level 1 Coach Training Program.


You will: 

  • Develop yourself personally and professionally
  • Master highly efficient coaching skills
  • Learn to use proven coaching tools, both as a coach and in your leadership
  • Accelerate growth and performance in your team and organization
  • Explore different approaches to coaching with our highly experienced coaches


Is this coach training program for you?


You are an executive, a manager, a HR professional or you want to become a professional coach.

  • Are you ready to use coaching as part of your leadership?
  • Do you want to become even better at listening and asking questions?
  • Do you want more mindful communication?
  • Would you like to develop your employees and yourself?
  • Would you like to be even better equipped to lead in greater complexity and constant change?


Expand’s ICF accredited coach training gives you a unique opportunity to strengthen you and your leadership skills as well as develop you as a human being through coaching.



The programme focuses on providing you with:


  • A solid theoretical foundation for using coaching in your everyday life as a leader
  • Lots of practical training to help you use the skills
  • Skills in becoming an active and attentive listening leader and coach
  • Training in asking questions that uncover both challenge, development potential and action
  • Versatile teaching through modules, tutorials, assignments, reading and training
  • Thorough and qualified supervision and feedback
  • A safe and supportive learning space
  • A teaching team of committed, experienced, competent and ICF certified coaches
  • Unique networking with other leaders
  • A certified coaching training with subsequent possibility of ICF certification
  • 75½ hours of ICF approved coach training.




This programme is offered in our training facility in Copenhagen/Dragør in partnership with Lederne, The Danish Association of Managers and Executives, and with Global Leadership.


We are very proud of our long-lasting partnership with Lederne and to announce our partnership with Global Leadership, the Gothenburg- based leadership and development training company!

Read more about the training programme here

Structure of the programme

To ensure you develop the best skills, the Certificate in Coaching Programme includes knowledge and research from various academic fields.

We take a pragmatic approach to teaching that combines various methods, including face-to-face training, group sessions, mentor coaching, supervision in small groups and online learning. All elements are compulsory and contribute to your overall development, so you can successfully integrate both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


The programme consists of:


  • Four modules rolled out over nine days – with the entire group
  • Observed coaching sessions (during some modules) plus one online session in small groups with a faculty member
  • Two mentor coaching sessions in small groups (3.5 hours each) with mentoring and supervision from faculty members
  • Online learning with videos to review theory
  • Three written assignments
  • Training in small groups between modules
  • Studying training manuals, books and relevant articles



The program consists of four modules, which are structured to ensure you get the optimum mix of theory and practical training. In each module, you get to put theory into practice through carefully designed exercises and training in small groups.

Module 1 is a three-day session; the other three modules are two days each. Before participating in modules 2-4 and taking the exam, you must have reviewed all online material.


Training with feedback

In module 1, you have your first coaching session with feedback. In the following modules, you practice your coaching skills and receive individual feedback from faculty members.

In between module 2 and 3, you participate in an observed online session in small groups. Each participant coaches one of the other participants for approximately 30 minutes and then receives feedback from their fellow students and faculty.

In the two coaching sessions after module 3 and 4, you meet online with 3-4 other participants and a mentor. Together, you work to integrate your coaching competencies and improve your skill level.


Online learning


In preparation for each module, you watch videos that present the theory to be covered in that module.


Training groups 


Each participant is affiliated to a training group. These groups are formed in module 1 and meet at least once between each module for approximately 3 hours to practice, train and exchange experiences.


The education as a coach has its theoretical foundation in systemic theory and method, brain research as well as the ICF’s core competencies and evidence-based knowledge of effective coaching.


Module 1 – topics

  • What is coaching and what is it not
  • A model for the coaching conversation
  • The coaching mindset
  • Training with feedback


Module 2 – topics

  • Systemic key concepts in coaching
  • Active and attentive listening
  • Powerful questions
  • The coach’s position in the conversation


Module 3 – topics

  • Coaching modes – the meta position
  • Tools for creating deeper insight and change
  • Coaching in leadership
  • Psychological mechanisms


Module 4 – topics

  • Values and motivation
  • Intuition
  • The premises of change
  • From feedback to feedforward


To ensure you get the most out of the course, the teaching focuses on learning through practical training, with the theory naturally woven in. We create a psychologically safe group in which you can develop as a human being and acquire the various coaching skills you need for effective and authentic coaching. We provide feedback to practical training and give individual support to ensure you achieve your personal goals.


Through the course, you will acquire the tools you need to use coaching in many different contexts. You will master the coaching conversation, as well as other essential coaching skills, such as the ability to listen and ask effective questions in different situations.

Written and practical examination

The examination takes place over 3 days. In total, you should allow two half-days for the process.


The written examination takes place on the morning of the first day. The practical examination is held over the following days. During the practical examination, you must coach one of the other participants for 25 minutes, with two faculty members present. You then receive thorough feedback.


If you pass the examination, you will receive a “Certificate in Coaching””. It is a part of the ICF Level 1 Expand Coach Training Program.

Certification and diploma

When you pass the examination, you will receive a diploma that says “Certificate in Coaching“.


In order to take the examination, you must document in your coaching log that you have coached a minimum of 10 hours from the beginning to the end of the education and have received a minimum of five hours of coaching. All assignments must be completed, and you must have participated in all mandatory classes.


Our “Certificate in Coaching for Executives” programme forms the first part of both our Level 1 and Level 2 accredited programmes.

ICF ACC Certification package

Our “Certificate in Coaching for Executives” course meets the high standards set by the ICF. 


The first certification level is “Associate Certified Coach, ACC”.


In addition to having completed the Certificate in Coaching for Executives programme, in order to achieve this level of certification, you must:

  • Be able to document 100 hours of coaching
  • Have received a further three individual mentor coaching hours
  • Pass an oral evaluation (requires a recording of a 30-45 minute coaching session with full transcription)
  • Pass ICF Credentialing Exam, a written exam in ICF Core Competencies and ICF Code of Ethics.


Certification package

If you would like the ACC certification, you can purchase our certification package, which includes the three individual mentor coaching hours and the oral examination at the ACC level.

The price is 11.400 DKK + VAT.


It is possible to take the certification examination with Expand after you have documented 40 hours of coaching. You will then be able to apply ICF for the ICF ACC certification once you have completed a total of 100 hours of documented coaching. It is only after applying, that you will get access to the written exam, as it is only conducted by ICF Global.


Make note, that it is only ICF, that can issue an ICF certificate. If you want to have the ICF certification, you will have to apply and pay a fee directly to ICF (175 USD for members and 325 USD for non members) and pass the online test (credentialling exam), when you apply. A certification is valid for 3 years.


You can register for the certification package any time, as it will be an individually planned process.

Expand Faculty

We want you to get the best possible training, so you can reach your full potential as a coach. Our faculty team of coaches are all ICF-certified and have taught together for many years. The Head of Faculty, Annette Kledal, is one of the few coaches in Denmark certified at the highest ICF level (MCC)


Our faculty Members

  • Annette Kledal, ICF Master Certified Coach, MCC
  • Michael Skjøt, ICF Master Certified Coach, MCC
  • Christophe Kittel, ICF Associate Certified Coach, ACC


During the program, you also work with teaching assistants. Their role is to provide individual feedback and support to help you maximize your learning. Teaching assistants are also present at some group meetings.

Read more about our Faculty here

Fee and Practical information

The tuition includes 75½hours of ICF-approved teaching, course materials and evaluation. It is important that you attend all days of the course, so please reserve them in your schedule.





  • 57.100 DKK + VAT including ICF Certification package
  • 44.200 DKK + VAT without ICF Certification package


Training times


  • On site modules: 9.00-16.30.
  • Online modules: 8.30 – 12,30
  • Online sessions: 9.00-12.30 or 13.00-16.30. (Until the programme starts, please reserve the entire day on the three specified dates.)
  • The written examination (online): 9.00-12.00.
  • Oral examination: The date and time of the oral examination is determined approximately two months before. Please reserve all dates until the final examination plan is in place.


Please be aware that all modules, observed sessions, mentor coaching sessions, online learning videos and written assignments are compulsory. If you are unable to attend on one or more days, we can usually offer replacement teaching at an additional fee.

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