Workshop om Kropslig Intelligens

Mød Paul King på denne 2-dages workshop den 22.-23. januar 2019

Lær hvordan du bruger kroppens visdom til at opnå bedre balance i livet.

Workshoppen er for både ledere, coaches og alle, der ønsker at blive bedre til at håndtere stress og livets udfordringer.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The power of being centred and balanced.
  • How to resourcefully handle pressure and stress.
  • How your habitual patterns under stress show up in your body and limit your choice.
  • What it means to be a leader worth following.
  • Listening to others without taking things personally.
  • Speaking your truth with clarity, heart and confidence.
  • Aligning and focusing your energy to achieve your goals.
  • Tuning into others and your intuition.
  • Acknowledging and moving beyond your judgements and fears.

In today’s world, more than ever we need to know how to be balanced, centred and clear, and how to use our energy to manage stress, handle pressure and thrive. This means getting your head, heart and whole body aligned and working together.

In this workshop you will discover the power of working with the body-mind to bring your best self to your daily living. You will learn about your deeper stress patterns and how the body can bring about quick and sustainable change. 

“Somatic Embodiment work is the most simple, efficient and effective approach I have ever learned.”
C Barford, Denmark

You will explore the impact of a centred presence that helps you shift to a more creative, compassionate and skilful state when relating to others and to the pressures you face.

As a leader, coach, teacher, or whatever your work, you will be able to practically apply the learning from this workshop to your life.

If you already have somatic training this will compliment what you have done before.

We will work with activities engaging the body, not just the head. You will work in pairs and on your own and receive one to one coaching support. We will take time for conversations and reflection on applications to the ‘real world’.

The workshop draws upon many sources of knowledge and experience including martial arts, mindfulness practice, modern neuroscience and Eastern philosophy. It will cover all the material from Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment Level 1.

“Paul is an excellent facilitator and worked with each individual to coach them through their own learning. I would highly recommend this work to anyone in the coaching or leadership field.”
N. Hughes, Singapore

Presenter: Paul King

Paul is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership in the UK and has been a coach and consultant to individuals and organisations for 25 years. He was the first person in Europe to be certified as a Leadership Embodiment trainer. Paul is a certified NLP Trainer and an Inner Game coach. He teaches Tai Chi and is qualified in Feldenkrais (Movement Re-Education).


When and where

Where: A.P. Mølleres Allé 9C, 2791 Dragør, Copenhagen

Fee: Early Bird (Paid by December 31st ): DKK4400. Standard Fee: DKK4800

There are discounts available for people repeating this workshop and possible ‘pay it forward’ bursaries for anyone on a low family income.

When: January 22nd: 10.00-17.30 and January 23rd: 10.00-16.00



Numbers are limited to 10 people.

To book your place please email with your name and invoicing address.

For more information please visit

“Being with a small group in his course allowed deeper insight into the subtle arts of self-awareness, sensitivity, receptivity, empathy and wilful intent; all crucial tools needed for leaders today as they navigate unpredictable terrain and time horizons.”

A. L. Schlaikjer, China

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