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Closing the gaps - working in a multi-cultural environment


  • Are you part of a multi-cultural and or international organization?
  • Do you wonder why some of your co-workers act the way they do?
  • Have you experienced frustrations or misunderstandings even when everything seemed straight and clear?
  • Are you managing teams with multiple cultural backgrounds, and possibly at distance?


It has never been easier to interconnect and communicate. Multi-cultural organizations, often with management at distance, are becoming the new standard. Technology has increased interconnectivity dramatically. The world has shrunk. The Global Village prevails. Or has it?

Increased multi-cultural interaction comes with the increased risk to misjudge/be misjudged on behaviors and actions. Culture driven gaps are then opening, affecting efficiency and performance.


In this workshop, you will discover the 8 major culture scales that map the world as defined by Prof. Erin Meyer. We’ll be working with concrete business examples and situations to illustrate the way you can use these scales to increase efficiency and reduce misunderstandings.

It’s all about better understanding each other by increasing your awareness of what makes us different across cultures.



  • Introduction to the 8 dimensions model – The Culture Map.
  • Get your own map.
  • Learn how to identify cultural gaps, how to work to prevent them and to close them.
  • Get inspiration to move your team and your organization to a new level of efficiency.
  • One-hour individual coaching after the workshop.

GWO has a multicultural team facilitating global working groups, so for us "Closing the gaps - working in a multi-cultural environment" was an extremely useful day. Christophe and Expand has helped us grow our common understanding and sensitivity for how cultural differences affect our processes. And it was fun!

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO Global Wind Organisation


Who: Leaders at all levels, teams and HR professionals.

You can book the workshop when it suits you and your team for an in-house workshop. The workshop can be held in Danish, English or French.

Where: Expand, A.P. Møllers Allé 9 C, 2791 Dragør or in your company.

Fee: 5 100 + VAT pr. person, including one-hour individual coaching after the workshop.


Contact us for a price for an in-house workshop.


This workshop will be hosted by Christophe Kittel 

I am a French National from the Alsace region. My native tongue is Alsatian, a German dialect. My first expat experience was when I was a student in Lyon…

My first encounter with Denmark and the Danish culture was 30 years ago when I was working as a trade attaché at the French Embassy. My relation to Denmark and to the Danes moved soon to another dimension as I got married to Lene, my half Danish, half Swedish wife for more than 25 years with whom I spoke German for nearly 5 years.

Around the same time, and after some years back in France, I joined L’Oréal, seen until recently even in France as the archetype of French business culture.

Thanks to various senior positions in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the 3 together, I was kindly seen as the most Scandinavian of the French top managers or the most French of the Scandinavian managers depending on the situation or who you asked…when my Germanic roots did not pop up! At that time, I still thought cultural differences can be put aside, as I was a living example of a kind of merger (of which a big part of it is French)…

The whole story took another turn when I got promoted as the European head for Redken and Matrix, the American brands of L’Oréal’s professional products division: I found myself for 7 years at the head of a group of roughly 35 operational teams in 20 countries (Portugal to Finland, Ireland to Israel), a Brand team in NYC,  my own office and bosses in Paris… and still living in Copenhagen.

It was one of the most enriching parts of my professional life due to the cultural diversity and the distance of the teams. It challenged and changed my way of being a leader.  I experienced directly how results and superior performance can be achieved in an amazing variety of behaviors and ways of getting things done, and I must admit, sometimes despite of what I thought was the ”right” way. Distance became an opportunity, a reason to breath and to gain understanding.

I grew up in 2 cultures, live and have my family in a 3rd one, and work in and with countless others.  

I am looking forward to hosting this workshop on a topic that is so close to me and highly defines who I am.


Make change happen


  • Do you experience, that change is required at an ever-increasing speed?
  • Do you sometimes wonder why change can be difficult?
  • Would you as a leader and team member like to be able to support yourself and your team in making the changes in attitude and behavior that will support you and your business in the future?


Based in the field of neuroscience, you will be presented with facts and simple tools, that will enable you to understand how change can be made at brain level. And it is in fact where changes and new habits need to be made for you to succeed changing or adjusting behavior and attitude.

Even though the science behind and the tools are not that complicated, change is not simple because of how the brain works. But there is a way and in this one-day practical workshop you will learn and try these tools.



  • Understand how the brain works in an environment of change and learning.
  • Get the 4 basic steps you need to take to make change happen.
  • Learn how to use these 4 basic steps.
  • Set a change goal for your self.
  • Get one leadership coaching session of 1 hour to follow up on your goal.



Who: Leaders at all levels, team members and HR professionals, who wish to be even better at supporting change processes.

When: When it suits you and your team - and look out for dates for the next open workshop .      

Where: At Expand, A.P. Møllers Allé 9 C, 2791 Dragør or in your company.

Fee: 5 100kr + VAT pr person including one-hour individual coaching after the workshop.


Contact us for the price for an in-house workshop.



Motivate your team for long term goals and performance


  • Do you sometimes experience it is a challenge to keep up motivation in your team?
  • Would you like to be even better at linking motivation for a long-term goal with the steps, that needs to be taken?
  • Would you like to learn a method, that helps you align purpose, goals, inner motivation and actions in an easy way?


Motivation is central for a team to perform and create the expected results. But motivation is also important for team members to be able to work well together and both support and challenge each other to go the extra mile, when that is required.

You will learn a powerful method to align a goal with a true motivating energy and be able to use it in forming the necessary steps towards the goal. At the same time, you will benefit from an increasing amount of energy and motivation for each step you take – instead of being drained the closer you get to the goal.



  • Understand the deeper source of motivation.
  • Learn a technique to align goals with a motivating energy.
  • Be able to build up the energy with each step you take towards the goal.
  • Learn to cope with the unpredictability long term goals often create.
  • Get one leadership coaching session of 1 hour to follow up on your own goal.



Who: Leaders at all levels, teammembers and HR professionals, who wish to be even better at supporting own and others change process.

When: When it suits you and your team - and look out for dates for next open workshop.      

Where: At Expand, A.P. Møllers Allé 9 C, 2791 Dragør or in your company.

Fee: 5 100kr + VAT pr person including one-hour individual coaching after the workshop.


Contact us for the price for an in-house workshop.



Hemmeligheden bag effektive teams


  • Oplever du, at det nogle gange kan være svært både at udvikle og fastholde et velfungerende og højt ydende team?
  • Tænker du, at du godt kunne bruge konkrete metoder til at optimere team performance?
  • Kunne du tænke dig at blive endnu bedre til at udvikle og være i teams?


Om du er medlem af et eller flere teams, om du er leder af et team eller arbejder i en HR-funktion, hvor du er med til at udvikle teams i organisationen, vil du få inspiration, som kan hjælpe dig i din hverdag. At arbejde i og med teams er hverdag for de fleste og det kan opleves både meget fantastisk og meget drænende. Det skulle gerne skabe mulighed for synergi og bedre performance at være i et team – og hvordan opnår vi det?

Denne workshop vil præsentere dig for de 5 discipliner for effektive teams, 5C modellen, udviklet af Professor Peter Hawkins og baseret på forskning og over 40 års erfaring. Du vil blive ført igennem modellen og får eksempler på, hvordan du konkret kan arbejde med hver disciplin.


Det tager du med fra workshoppen

  • Viden om, hvad der skaber og opretholder effektive teams.
  • Konkret kendskab til 5C-modellen for effektive teams.
  • Eksempler på metoder du kan bruge inden for hver af de 5 discipliner for effektive teams.
  • En times individuel coaching efter workshoppen for at støtte dig i at sætte 5C-modellen i anvendelse i din egen hverdag.


Praktiske oplysninger

Hvem             Ledere, HR-professionelle, team medlemmer som ønsker mere viden og inspiration til at udvikle teams.

Hvornår         Når det passer jer - og hold øje med dato for næste åbne workshop.

Hvor               Expands lokaler, A.P. Møllers Allé 9 C, 2791 Dragør eller i jeres virksomhed.

Pris                 5.100kr + moms pr person, som inkluderer 1 times individuel coaching efter workshoppen.


Kontakt os for pris på in-house workshop.


Tina Monk

Lean Six Sigma & Business Transformation Leader, North Europe Region & Country Leader Danmark / 3M

Workshoppen "Closing the gaps - Working in a multi-cultural environment" er inspirerende og relevant i mit arbejde med at navigere i en stor matrix organisation på tværs af flere lande i Nordeuropa

Marianne Bjørnholt Bruun

Head of Customer Service / BTC Chemical Distribution Unit Nordic & Baltic Countries

“Tak for en fantastisk mental rejse … med de bedste kursister og de super motiverende og inspirerende undervisere.”

Rudi Jadoul

Senior Bid Manager / Siemens

"Working in a multi-cultural environment" er et spændende område som mange kan få glæde af i deres dagligdag. Fin balance mellem teori og praksis og meget inspirerende erfaringer fra begge undervisere. Afgjort et anbefalingsværdigt kursus.

Jakob Lau Holst

CEO / Global Wind Organisation

GWO has a multicultural team facilitating global working groups, so for us "Closing the gaps - working in a multi-cultural environment" was an extremely useful day. Christophe and Expand has helped us grow our common understanding and sensitivity for how cultural differences affect our processes. And it was fun!

Lisbeth Ahlberg

Afdelingsleder, / SPUC

”Jeg har fået et stort personligt udbytte ud af at gå på coachuddannelsen, faktisk et meget større udbytte end jeg havde forventet! Jeg har fået indsigt i hvor stor betydning det har for en samtale at jeg stiller de ”rigtige” spørgsmål – som sætter min fokusperson i gang med at reflektere på en ny måde end hidtil. Jeg anvender dagligt de nye redskaber i mit ledelsesarbejde men i høj grad også privat. Forløbet med de øvrige kursister og undervisere, har betydet alt! Der har fra første dag været en god og energifyldt kemi, dygtige undervisere og god vekselvirkning mellem undervisning, praktisk træning og kompetent feedback.”

Sanne Dinesen

Talent Development Manager / 3M

”Jeg valgte Expand’s videregående coachuddannelse, fordi jeg havde fået så stort udbytte af første trin nogle år tidligere og derfor var overbevist om, at jeg ville få styrket min udvikling på de områder, der var af størst værdi for mig i min rolle som intern coach. Annette er en fremragende formidler og en nærværende og suveræn mentorcoach, og jeg er gået beriget ud af hvert eneste møde med hende og holdet.”

Henrik Schmidt

Konsulent / Momentum Consulting

Strålende facilitatorer, der formår at skabe en god og tryg stemning. Der var en god balance mellem teoretiske input, praktiske øvelser, refleksioner og alt sammen krydret med relevante personlige eksempler ("Closing the gaps - working in a multi-cultural environment")

Rikke Janniche

HR Corporate Manager / GEODIS

”Jeg har haft fornøjelsen af at gennemgå forløbet på coachuddannelsen hos Expand. Det har været rigtig god læring og dybere indsigt i coachingens discipliner. Det har været en fantastik ”rejse” på både det professionelle og personale plan. Jeg har fået mange gode værktøjer og input til hvordan jeg kan opnå min ambition om at ”hold the client great” både i min kommunikation og lederskab. Og det bedste er: det er fantastisk at opleve hvordan en person kan udvikle sig – ”blot” ved hjælp af coaching.

Frank Borch-Olsen, frank borch A/S

“Som Virksomhedsejer og Viceborgmester har jeg deltaget og gennemgået mange uddannelsesforløb de seneste år. Hovedparten har været med afsæt i, at opnå fagkompetencer indenfor f.eks. Ledelse- og beslutningshåndtering. Under alle disse forløb har jeg savnet de mere menneskelige kundskaber. Hvordan flytter man en medarbejder eller et lederteam fra A til B, således, at det gøres via motivation og personlig forankring i selve forandringsprocessen ? Hvordan får man en medarbejder eller et team, til at udnytte deres fulde potentiale til gavn for dem selv og virksomheden ? Svarene og egenskaberne fik jeg ved at deltage på Coachinguddannelsen – Her fik jeg de reelle ledelsesredskaber, nemlig kundskaberne til at kunne coache en medarbejder eller et team til finde eget potentiale til nå frem til et mål. Derudover har deltagelse på uddannelsen været en personlig udviklingsrejse, hvor jeg ikke kun har lært at finde frem til andres potentiale men i høj grad også mit eget potentiale.”

Anja Bertelsen

Journalist og Kommunikationskonsulent

"Jeg var utroligt grundig i min research, inden jeg valgte coachuddannelsen hos Expand - og jeg valgte rigtigt. Expand er mængder af læring i et trygt, inspirerende miljø med højt til loftet. Annette Kledal de øvrige undervisere på Expand formår på ganske kort tid at skabe læringsrum - hvor man suger til sig, øver, lave fejl og igen og igen undervejs i uddannelsen flytter sig fra a til b. Annette Kledal er en dygtig formidler, og hun kan sit kram. Men Annette Kledal er mere end en dybt inspirerende underviser - hun er også støttende og energigivende. Annette Kledal har et varmt hjerte og et stort overblik. I passende dosis balancerer hun ros og sin yderst empatiske kritik. Expands coachuddannelse kommer med mine varmeste anbefalinger."

Jakob Lau Holst

CEO / Global Wind Organisation

”Jeg startede på coachuddannelsen fordi jeg ønskede flere redskaber til at lede mine medarbejdere. Jeg fik det og meget mere. Jeg er blevet en bedre leder, har fået nye metoder til at gå til mine opgaver og jeg har fået rigtig meget ud af den på det personlige plan. Underviserne er utrolig dygtige og jeg følte mig hele tiden i trygge hænder. For mig er det også et kvalitetsstempel, at det er Lederne der står bag uddannelsen.”

Karina Juul Jensen


"Jeg vil klart anbefale enhver som overvejer, hvilken coach uddannelse de skal vælge, at bruge Expand med Annette Kledal ved roret. Hun er super dygtig, og ikke mindst rigtig god til både at undervise, coache, inspirere, engagere og motivere alle hele vejen igennem. Du får en masse brugbare og nyttige værktøjer, og styrkes markant i dine coaching kompetencer - til såvel dig som leder eller dig som coach."