Workshop: Embracing the Gaps

Turn cultural differences into an advantage

Are you the leader of or a part of a multicultural team or organization?

Are you a non-Danish national working in Denmark?


Learn to identify cultural differences, be aware of your deeply ingrained biases, and how to handle and embrace them, so they become af strength for you, your team and organization.


It has never been easier to interconnect and communicate. Multi-cultural organizations, often with management at distance, are becoming the new standard. Technology has increased interconnectivity dramatically. The world has shrunk. The Global Village prevails. Or has it?


This workshop will de held in Danish or English depending on participants.


Is this workshop for you?


You are a leader or HR professional in a multicultural environment.


  • Are you part of a multi-cultural and or international organization?
  • Do you wonder why some of your co-workers act the way they do?
  • Have you experienced frustrations or misunderstandings even when everything seemed straight and clear?
  • Are you managing teams with multiple cultural backgrounds, and possibly at distance?


The workshop will give you


  • Learn how to identify cultural gaps, how to work to prevent them and to embrace them.
  • Get inspiration to move your team and your organization to a new level of efficiency.


Increased multi-cultural interaction comes with the increased risk to misjudge/be misjudged on behaviors and actions. Culture driven gaps are then opening, affecting efficiency and performance.

In this workshop, you will discover and learn about the 8 major culture scales that map the world as defined by Prof. Erin Meyer.

We’ll be working with concrete business examples and situations to illustrate the way you can use these scales to increase efficiency and reduce misunderstandings.

It’s all about better understanding each other by increasing your awareness of what makes us different across cultures.


This is included in the workshop


  • Introduction to the 8 dimensions model – The Culture Map.
  • Get your own map.
  • One-hour individual coaching after the workshop.


You can as well book the workshop when it suits you and your team for an in-house workshop. The workshop can be held in Danish, English or French. Contact us for a price for an in-house workshop

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About Christophe Kittel

This workshop will be hosted by Christophe Kittel


I am a French National from the Alsace region. My native tongue is Alsatian, a German dialect. My first expat experience was when I was a student in Lyon…..


My first encounter with Denmark and the Danish culture was 30 years ago when I was working as a trade attaché at the French Embassy. My relation to Denmark and to the Danes moved soon to another dimension as I got married to Lene, my half Danish, half Swedish wife for more than 25 years with whom I spoke German for nearly 5 years.


Around the same time, and after some years back in France, I joined L’Oréal, seen until recently even in France as the archetype of French business culture.


Thanks to various senior positions in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the 3 together, I was kindly seen as the most Scandinavian of the French top managers or the most French of the Scandinavian managers depending on the situation or who you asked…when my Germanic roots did not pop up! At that time, I still thought cultural differences can be put aside, as I was a living example of a kind of merger (of which a big part of it is French)…


The whole story took another turn when I got promoted as the European head for Redken and Matrix, the American brands of L’Oréal’s professional products division: I found myself for 7 years at the head of a group of roughly 35 operational teams in 20 countries (Portugal to Finland, Ireland to Israel), a Brand team in NYC, my own office and bosses in Paris… and still living in Copenhagen.


It was one of the most enriching parts of my professional life due to the cultural diversity and the distance of the teams. It challenged and changed my way of being a leader. I experienced directly how results and superior performance can be achieved in an amazing variety of behaviors and ways of getting things done, and I must admit, sometimes despite of what I thought was the ”right” way. Distance became an opportunity, a reason to breath and to gain understanding.


I grew up in 2 cultures, live and have my family in a 3rd one, and work in and with countless others.


I am looking forward to hosting this workshop on a topic that is so close to me and highly defines who I am.



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